T.I. and Apollo Nida*It’s funny what going to prison does to folks. If you’re Apollo Nida, that means coming clean on things that have been blown up by media reports.

According to reports Nida tweeted after he entering his guilty plea to fraud that everyone has “snitch” clauses in their plea agreements. To emphasize his point, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star mentioned T.I. and Michael Vick, saying they also had “snitch” language in their federal plea agreements.

An upset T.I. confronted Nida about his tweets. Nida ultimately deleted the tweets and apologized to the rapper for his actions.

In an interview with The Ryan Cameron Morning Show, Nida clarified why he tweeted (then deleted) what he said about T.I. as well as explained his guilty plea to mail/bank/wire fraud and talk of whether or not he slept with Kenya Moore.

The following are highlights from Apollo Nida’s chat on The Ryan Cameron Morning Show:

On his T.I/Mike Vick tweets.:
Apollo admitted he was wrong for posting the tweet about T.I. and Michael Vick. He said he NEVER said Tip or Mike were rats.

On his run-in with T.I.:
Apollo said when T.I. first approached him he thought he was coming to offer him support. He soon realized Tip wasn’t there to offer support and was a little hostile so he jumped back and put his phone up in case he had to do something.

Tip’s friend/rapper Killer Mike recorded the confrontation and Apollo said he didn’t like the “ploy” they used because he KNOWS T.I. and he could have just called him. He said, “You don’t do that.”

On his paperwork having “snitch” language:
Apollo said he would want to work with fraud prevention to “help” authorities with preventing fraud. He’s not currently working with authorities but if he does, that’s what he would be doing.

On why he committed fraud:
Apollo explained he grew up without a mother and father so he didn’t want his actions to keep him absent in his own children’s lives. He said reality TV can bring on a lot of stress so he felt pressured to sustain a certain lifestyle. He said he is not a thief and never took money out of people’s account.

On if he did it:
He confessed he did it and now he has to lay in the bed he made. He said, “Things happen in life.” He’s remorseful for his actions and he hurts tremendously. When asked why didn’t he just get a regular job he revealed it wouldn’t have been enough money to sustain.

On if he slept with Kenya Moore:
Apollo said he never slept with her.

Nida is scheduled to appear in court at 2 p.m. on July 8.