Chef Aryen Moore-Alston hope to be the Food Network's next Food Star on Season 10

Chef Aryen Moore-Alston hopes to be the Food Network’s next Food Star on Season 10

*June 1, 2014 kicks off the tenth season of TV’s hottest culinary competition series.

Food experts charged with the daunting task of selecting this year’s winner include Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay.

Among the dozen hopefuls is Aryen Moore-Alston, who currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee and has lived around the world.

Aryen’s early childhood days in Italy sparked her interest in cooking, though she has had a variety of careers including performing arts and technology design.

Aryen Moore-Alston tells EURweb that in the end her passion for cooking has prevailed:      “A long time ago I found this cookbook and it was called “Intercourses” and it was all about the seductive nature of food… it’s so crazy how food heightens your senses.”

Ayrene Moore-Alston also revealed to EURweb her thoughts on the seductive nature of food: “I understand that first, you eat with your eyes.  So it has to look beautiful, and the sense of smell gets you to salivate and want to eat it.  Then once you taste it, it’s that feeling where you are so completely satiated that it fills your mouth and you’re like ‘Oh my God, it’s the most explosive and amazing thing you’ve ever eaten.’  In culinary terms there’s a Japanese word for it called umami.  And you want more of it, and I think that’s why we have this love relationship, I wouldn’t say hate, because I think that everyone loves to eat.  We just hate what it does to our waistlines. It’s this juggling act that we have to do with food, and we love it.”

Aryen (pronounced Ah-ryan) and the eleven other Food Star candidates beat out hundreds of semi-finalists over the past year. Aryen’s personality beams as much as her craft for tasty concoctions and her popularity is already starting to sizzle.  She has the kind of verve that is on par with Wolfgang Puck, G. Garvin, B. Smith or Emeril Lagasse. Win or lose, she vows that food is still her passion which she intends to pursue, and is already delighting customers in the Memphis area with baked goods and delicacies that she caters under the banner Sweet Potato Baby. Of course she’s on Facebook and Twitter as Chef Aryen.

To see and hear more of Ayren click here. As the Food Network reports, in the season premiere contestants are welcomed to Los Angeles for their Star-making journey by Alton, Giada and Bobby, who invite the cast to their own red carpet premiere party that very night at a Hollywood studio back lot.  Each finalist is presented to a select group of tastemakers, including E! personality Ross Mathews. The first challenge is to prepare party bites for the judges and Food Network executives Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson. A lot more is in store as the intense kitchen battles ensue. For a schedule this season’s air dates and times, and to keep up with your favorite Food Network rising star, go to

Rounding out the list of Food Network’s Food Star contestants are: Luca Della Casa (San Antonio); Emma Frisch (Ithaca, NY); Nicole Gaffney (Atlantic City, NJ); Loreal Gavin (Indianapolis); Chris Kyler (Stafford, VA); Kenny Lao (New York); Christopher Lynch (New Orleans); Lenny McNab (Debeque, CO); Sarah Penrod (League City, TX); Reuben Ruiz (Miami); Donna Sonkin Shaw (New York)and Aryen Moore-Alston (Memphis). Winner will be announced on the Season Finale on August 10th 2014.

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