*”Love & Hip Hop” star Benzino says AirTran Airways has accepted blame for racially profiling him during a flight this week, and gave him two $200 vouchers for the trouble.

TMZ posted video of Benzino going off after claiming a flight attendant racially profiled him on his flight Tuesday from Las Vegas to Atlanta. The reality show star says he and his new wife were the last people to board, and as soon as they took their First Class seats, a flight attendant demanded to see their tickets.

Benzino said he was insulted, telling TMZ the flight attendant only asked to see his tickets because he’s a black man sitting in First Class.

“They basically were talking to me very disrespectful and came at me inappropriate,” Benzino said. “That’s why I was upset about the situation. I am not the one to scream the race card unless I truly believe I am being treated not equal.”

According to Benzino, an airline rep later apologized to him, telling him the airline was in the wrong, and then gave him and his wife two vouchers for $200. He took a pic of this as proof: