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*In one hell of an uncharacteristic move, Beyonce is giving public hints about private family matters.

A week following her sister, Solange Knowles attack on her husband, Jay Z, in the elevator after a Met Ball after-party, Bey and her younger sister are battling it out on social media.

A move that is totally unlike the very private Beyonce.

Radar Online released the Instagram posted by Beyonce,

Two days after the Met Ball brawl, Beyonce posted an uncharacteristically introspective image on Instagram, amid dozens of fashion shoots and photos of Blue Ivy.

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Fans were quick to point out that it seemed like a direct dig and her sis.

“[This is] about the Solange and Jay Z fight!” @mellapella claimed.

User @gonetillovo wrote, “No family is perfect. Remember that Bey. And blood is thicker than water. I knoe [sic] u love jay, but soalnge is ur blood so learn how to forgive her for whatever happened.”

“Your sister totally was out of order no matter what the situation was …” user @amazing1jad commented.

Meanwhile, Solange hit back in a different way, deleting all pictures of her sister from her Instagram, except one vintage shot posted in 2013, below:

Neither sister has commented publicly on the fall-out, so far.