wiz khalifa

*Today’s celebrity drama file is filled with reports of rapper Wiz Khalifa being arrested for pot possession at a Texas airport and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and rapper/actor T.I. gettin’ into in Las Vegas.

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As far as Wiz Khalifa, he was flying from El Paso to Dallas when TSA officials discovered the marijuana, according to law enforcement sources. Wiz was taken into custody and turned over to local police.

And from the selfie above, that he took in jail, it doesn’t appear that Wiz is too concerned about the situation. At least for now.

ti & floyd mayweather

*Oh yeah, and on an otherwise quiet Memorial Day weekend Sunday, there’s drama coming out of Las Vegas involving Floyd Mayweather Jr. and T.I.

T.I. supposedly took a swing at Floyd and it caused a chair-tossing brawl in the Fatburger on the Vegas Strip early Sunday morning.

Here’s what went down according to a TMZ report:

According to several witnesses … Floyd was eating inside the restaurant when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd.

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It’s unclear what caused the beef, but we’re told T.I. swung at Floyd … their giant bodyguards jumped in to separate them … and then the all out melee began.

Las Vegas PD arrived just as Floyd was leaving and we’re told T.I. was already gone.

Police confirm one guy suffered a minor injury during the fight, but he refused treatment and did not want to cooperate with investigating officers. In other words … no snitching.

A rep for T.I. had no comment about the fight.