doc rivers

*Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers said his team was “robbed” by the officials in a 105-104 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night.

Rivers went off during and after the game when officials awarded the ball to the Thunder with 11.3 seconds left and the Clippers up 104-102 following an instant replay review in which it looked like the ball went out of bounds off Thunder guard Reggie Jackson’s right hand after Clippers forward Matt Barnes hit his left hand as he went up for a layup following a Chris Paul turnover.

With no foul called on the floor, the officials could review only who touched the ball last. It seemed clear to Rivers and the Clippers that the ball went off Jackson but the ball was given to the Thunder.

Outraged ensued.

“It was our ball,” Rivers said. “Everybody knows it was our ball. I think the bottom line is they thought it was a foul and they made up for it. Then, in my opinion, let’s take away replay. Let’s take away the replay system because that’s our ball, we win the game and we got robbed because of that call. It’s clear.

“Everyone in the arena saw it. That’s why everybody was shocked when they said Oklahoma City. That was our ball. Whether it was a foul or not and it was, but they didn’t call it.”

Rivers and Clippers players continued to complain about the call as the Thunder inbounded the ball and had even more to complain about five seconds later when Paul fouled Russell Westbrook on a 3-point attempt.

Westbrook hit all three free throws, and the Thunder went on to win after Paul turned the ball over on the final possession of the game.

“Now we made our own mistakes,” Rivers said. “We turned the ball over, we fouled on a 3-pointer, we did a lot of stuff to lose the game ourselves, but at the end of the day, we have a replay system that you’re supposed to look at, and I don’t want to hear that they didn’t have that replay. That’s a bunch of crap. That’s what I heard. That’s a bunch of crap, and you all know it.”

Referee Tony Brothers told a pool reporter after the game that the replays were inconclusive, resulting in Oklahoma City retaining the ball, which was the call on the court.

Watch Doc Rivers’ post-game remarks below: