*Best-selling author and former Army combat veteran Wes Moore hosts the three-part PBS series that explores the personal lives of different soldiers as they return from war.

“Coming Back with Wes Moore,” premiering Tuesday, May 13, follows the men and women in uniform as they attempt to reintegrate back into society, establish new identities, and – for many – find a new mission.

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Moore says a goal of the series is to put a human face on the challenges those returning.

“We’re coming up on the longest wars in the nation’s history where the fact is less than one percent of our nation’s population has been directly involved,” says Moore. “The vast majority of people in our country don’t have a direct involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan. And so really felt it was important to personalize this, where people need to know the stories behind.”

Each episode will examine a different stage of coming home: “Coming Back” (May 13), “Fitting In” (May 20) and “Moving Forward” (May 27).

Below, Wes More says this series is just the tip of the iceberg:

Watch the preview below.