*As expected, certified d***head and a-hole racist, Donald Sterling is not going to quietly go away.

According to reports, the 80-year-old Los Angeles Clippers owner has hired prominent antitrust litigator Maxwell Blecher, who wrote a letter to NBA executive vice president and general counsel Rick Buchanan threatening to sue the league.

The letter reportedly claims that Sterling has done nothing wrong, that “no punishment is warranted,” and that he does not plan to pay the $2.5 million fine — which is already past due — handed down by NBA commissioner Adam Silver along with a lifetime ban from the NBA.

Blecher concluded the letter by stating that the controversy “will be adjudicated” and informed him that “we reject your demand for payment,” in response to a letter from Buchanan dated May 14 telling Sterling that he must pay the fine.

Blecher then went on to highlight two legal reasons in his client’s defense.

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