Donald Sterling

*As if we need any more evidence that Clippers owner Donald Sterling lives his life as a devout racist, the “relative of an ex-Clippers janitor” who filed for a restraining order against Sterling on Friday, has surfaced with claims that he recorded racist comments Sterling made about everyone from Beyonce to Charles Barkley .

Thing is, no one with half a brain would believe this guy.

TMZ obtained a copy of court documents filed Friday by a Cliff Paul (yes, like the State Farm commercial) who claims he is … related to Chris Paul, a former janitor for Sterling, and was technically savvy enough to bug Sterling’s office for years.

Oh god. Here we go.

The “relative” claims to have heard Sterling incite racist conversations about Beyonce, Chris Paul, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kim Kardashian —  and most of the language alleged in the document is far too racist to even repeat.

More tame examples — Sterling allegedly said Charles Barkley’s head looks like a “retread tire” … and when George Zimmerman was acquitted, he allegedly said … “Buy that guy a beer.” According to the docs,  Sterling even went to an IHOP with Paula Deen just to laugh at Black dishwashers.

Not shockingly … the absurd request for a restraining order was quickly denied in a Florida District Court.

No word if this will affect Cliff’s contract with State Farm.  🙂

And yes, this is a crazy ass story, but since it’s about Donald Sterling, we thought we’d share it with you. And no, you don’t have to thank us. 🙂