*Eminem celebrated Mother’s Day on May 11 with the release of his new Spike Lee-directed video for “Headlights,” in which he apologizes to his mom for trashing her in his past music.

In early April, Eminem revealed on Twitter and Instagram that the filmmaker behind “Do the Right Thing,” “Jungle Fever” and “Malcolm X” would be directing “Headlights” in the rapper’s hometown of Detroit. And on May 9, Eminem released a teaser of the video on YouTube.

Shot mostly from the first-person perspective of Eminem’s mother, Debbie Mathers, the four-minute video explores the troubled relationship between the rapper and his mom and eventually finds the two reconnecting after years of fighting.

The track, featuring .Fun frontman Nate Ruess, is the latest video from Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last November.

Watch the video below.