Stephen A. Smith

*(Via iDateDaily) – ESPN’s sports analyst Stephen A. Smith has the type of personality that a lot of people really love or really hate.

His pompous, self-righteous approach to discussing everything, except sports, makes him one of the most controversial commentators on television.

Per usual, he decided to touch on a subject that has absolutely nothing to do with sports: Marriage. His remarks were centered around the physical dispute rapper T.I. and welterweight championship boxer Floyd Mayweather had over T.I.’s wife, Tiny.

Tiny had taken to social media to defend herself  from people who apparently attacked her for being the center of the dispute between her husband and Mayweather. In the midst of defending herself, Tiny also threw a few insults at her husband. This infuriated Smith. I’m trying to figure out why would the wife go on Twitter and dime out her husband like that? That doesn’t make sense to me,” he said. “Even if it were true that is your husband, and he is supposed to take precedent over everybody else. Even if he’s wrong. That’s something you tell in private. You don’t tell the world that he’s wrong.” Now, he obviously has a point. It is without question that Tiny should’ve taken up her issues with her husband in private, not on social media. However, here’s where Smith really shows his lack of competence as it pertains to dating and relationships: “If I have a wife and that wife goes on Twitter and tells the world she thinks I’m wrong, the next call she may get is from a divorce attorney. With a wife like you, what do I need one for? You got to go!”

A divorce attorney? For a tweet? Well, “Stephen A.” that may explain why you are 46-year-old unmarried man.

Whoa! Can we get a bomp, bomp on that?

Well, anyway, you can read the rest of the article and see the video at iDateDaily.