Stormey Ramdhan*”He is just upset that he doesn’t have any parts of my book – as far as getting any money.”

Suge Knight‘s ex-fiancé, Stormey Ramdhan, responds to his comments about her new tell-all book, “My Life With The Knight.” She tells EURweb Knight is a “bozo.”

EUR: Have you received cease and desist papers from Knight?

SR: No. I don’t even think he has representation or money to even retain a lawyer. He is a deadbeat.

EUR: Why does Knight claim you two were never engaged?

SR: Suge is really delusional. Truthfully he hasn’t said anything creditable since he has been out of jail. How do you explain two kids that are seven years apart. What he is saying about the engagement doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t add up. You don’t give a women three rings, that don’t mean anything.

Stormey Ramdhan

EUR: Why did you wait 10 years to write the book?

SR: I had to get established as a person again. It was a really rough break up. I also wanted to make sure it was okay with my kids.

EUR: Are you concerned about saying these things about ‘the most feared man in hip-hop?’

SR: No…I’m concerned that he might have some crazy fanatical people…that he might give a couple of dollars to, that might want to do something to me. But he has been saying that for years. I’m ready to defend myself.

Stormey Ramdhan
EUR: Did you write this book to start a TV career?

SR: Naw! I could’ve done that a long time ago. I wanted to get what I had to say, off my chest and ultimately help others, that is my motive. My story is meant to inspire and encourage single parents or anyone that finds themselves in a hard situation and they don’t know how to get out.

“My Life With The Knight” is available now at

Stormey Ramdhan