*Earv and Kose of Hip Hop duo, The Redland, met while in college at Morehouse in Atlanta, GA. That chance meeting was the beginning of a lasting partnership in creating game-changing music.

Earv is from Louisiana and Kose is from Oklahoma, aka the Redlands, which inspired the duo’s name, but it took on new meaning as their collaborations – Earv’s writing and Kose’s production – proved to be more than just typical Hip Hop.  Their sound and content were a departure from the superficial monotony of what the genre has to offer today,  leading them to consider The Redland more of a “state of mind” or a “movement.”

Earv’s and Kose’s collective influences include culture-impacting artists from John Lennon and Bob Marley to the Fugees and OutKast, creating a multi-layered sound that doesn’t fit strictly in the confines of Hip Hop as it’s known today.  Their music maintains the “fun” integrity of the genre, but distinguishes itself by its substance and their hybrid musical sound.

The Redland’s recent release “Survive” is an example of how the group gives their fans more to “consume” than the common themes of “I’m richer than you,” “I’m a womanizer,” and “I’m the toughest.”  The song’s video is inspired by The Walking Dead and its lyrics are about persevering through tough times:

“When we came up with the song, it’s basically about your support system not allowing you to give up … you know, the people you lean on not allowing you to call it quits, and every week we watch watch The Walking Dead and we’re like, that’s it!  They’ve gotta depend on each other just to keep motivated, to keep fighting, it was a  natural fit,” they said.


“Survive” is from The Redland’s new album, Enlightened Contagion – named so out of the understanding of how easily negative things can spread, and how “dope it would be if positivity could spread just as easily,” which will be released this July on Redland Entertainment through eOne Distribution.

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