james blake,

*Chilling new developments of family who died in a fire at a home owned by ex-tennis star James Blake. They were shot!

Darrin Campbell — the father — bought a lot of fireworks and then later at a local Home Depot, bought cans of gasoline.

Kimberly Campbell, his wife and their two teenage children, Colin and Megan, are believed to have died in the fire Wednesday morning. Although medical examiners are still in the process of officially identifying the family.

Officials said the family had upper body trauma. But at a press conference Thursday, Col. Donna Lusczynski, didn’t reveal exactly where each family member were shot.

The home that’s owned by Blake and being leased out, was engulfed with flames Wednesday, May 7. in Tampa, Fla. 

Officials aren’t calling it a murder-suicide just yet. Although the father had a gun registered in his name.

“We’re not going to get into theories right now,” Lusczynski said. “There were fireworks throughout the residence, but not strapped to anybody’s heads,” shutting down rumors the family had fireworks strapped to their heads. 

A neighbor revealed the father was the treasurer of Carrollwood Day School, a private school his children attended.