*”If Godzilla existed right now, I would absolutely scream!”

Well hell, who wouldn’t?

The 3-D monster movie of the summer hits theaters this Friday. One of the stars of “Godzilla, Victor Rasuk, sat down with EUR to chat about the 350-foot beast.

“My scream would be more like a kitten scream, not a roar like Godzilla,” shared Rasuk. “I would find a basement and I wouldn’t come out.”

The New York native said this “Godzilla” captures the real look of the creature.

“The CGI in this one is so much more cooler then the effects in the 1954 version,” explained the actor. “It has what we all loved about Godzilla…the spikes, the roar, the spitting fire! Every remake, up until this one, has made Godzilla look weak. Almost like a lizard. Godzilla was a beast! He was a monster! He should look like a beast and a monster – and we did that!”

Victor Rasuk

Rasuk plays a soldier and was excited to work on a film using computer-generated imagery (CGI).

“It was cool and weird at the same time!” Laughed the performer. “I was acting and then literally reacting to something that wasn’t there, which I’ve never done. There was a lot of direction and Gareth Edwards (Director) was shouting at me, so it kind of threw me off sometimes. But after the fifth take I got used to it. It was fun on so many levels!”


Godzilla” is more than just a science fiction monster movie.

“There is a serious tone,” stated Rasuk. “Beside the action, everything blowing up and world destruction going on, and Godzilla taking over. There is a human element to drive the story. It is a huge testament to our director. Who is such a visionary and knew exactly what he wanted.”


The $160 million Warner Brothers film opens Friday, May 16.

To find “Godzilla” show times and locations, go to warnerbros.com.