heston*Caribbean born, soul music bred singer/songwriter Heston has been collecting stamps in his passport since the release of his latest album, “Love Junkie.”

The Atlanta based artist has watched his album climb to the top of the charts in the U.K. and the response throughout Europe, Japan and Australia has been amazing, so naturally he’s spent much of the last year abroad showing his appreciation.

Heston has a worldwide appeal because his music is based in the fundamentals: love, truth and a rhythm that is undeniably in sync with the current of life.

The success of “Love Junkie” is pivotal to Heston’s career, because he’s poured so much into the album and it really reflects his growth as an artist and a man. The point of view he writes from is that of a man whose experienced the joys and pains of love and is able to talk about them in a way that’s relatable and gives the listener something they can feel. The Dominica native counts his reggae roots and the songwriting of Leon Ware and Marvin Gaye as the inspiration to not only his vulnerability on song, but his quest to create a project that is timeless, music that seamlessly passes through generations and circumstance.

He was able to accomplish success is all aspects of this album; he says the sonic quality of this album surpasses his previous efforts, the teams he’s built through networking and relationship development over the years is tight, he’s created partnerships with distributors overseas and the music itself is as honest and true to him as it’s ever been.

VideoStillThe latest release from the “Love Junkie” is “Resign 2 U,” a song reminiscent of the time when men bared their soul to women musically, over a funky groove that accentuates his voice and submission to her love. It is “Resign 2 U”, in fact, that has catapulted the album to the heights it’s reached overseas and generated the buzz he’s received stateside. After finishing a headlining gig at the Jazz Café in London, Heston is returning home for some much-needed rest before getting back on the road in support of the album, before heading back into the studio to work on the follow-up. On June 27th, he’ll be in New York City accompanying Angela Johnson at DROM.

To stay current with Heston and to purchase his music, visit HestonMusic.com and follow his social media links for the journey of a self-admitted “Love Junkie.”

Check out Heston’s hot new video “Resign 2 U”:

This review/article was writtenby Plainfield, NJ native Al-Lateef Farmer. Contact him via: [email protected].