Jamie-Foxx *Jamie Foxx and Bill O’Reilly may not see eye to eye on a lot of issues, but one thing is certain: the actor won’t be giving any dance lessons to O’Reilly no time soon.

During an appearance on “The Tonight Show” to promote his latest film, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” Foxx addressed a photo of himself dancing with Pharrell Williams and General Colin Powell. The picture was taken at a charity event thrown by Revlon magnate Ron Pearlman. Although he attended the gala, O’Reilly was not in a dancing mood as he decline Foxx’s offer to give him free, premium dance lessons.

“He was like, ‘Get away from me, Jamie Foxx. I don’t want any part of that molasses,’” Foxx shared, in his best O’Reilly shame-droll. “I don’t want any part of that basketball or whatever it’s called. Soon you’ll have me eating chicken! You’ll have me listening to hip hop! Jamie Foxx is a pinhead. Get away from me!”

Despite the positive reaction to his story from “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, Foxx mentioned that O’Reilly had never, in fact, worried about dancing being a gateway drug to chicken and hip hop.

To see Jamie Foxx’s interview on “The Tonight Show,” check out the video below:

For a look at Foxx beatboxing with The Roots’ Black Thought, click on the video below: