Bill Cosby and Jill Scott *Singer. Actress. And now doctor for Jill Scott.

The 42-year-old vocalist received an honorary doctorate from her alma mater Temple University during commencement exercises Saturday.

Scott’s fellow Temple alum Bill Cosby was on hand to present the doctorate at the event , which recognized Scott for charitable contributions she made in the art and music field.

Not letting the opportunity go by, the singer took advantage of the moment by getting a picture taken with Cosby before the commencement. Scott delivered inspiring words while speaking to graduating students, saying that as a kid, one of the “things” on her list of things to accomplish included receiving a degree from.

“My son, that I was told I would never have, is in this room watching me get an honorary degree today,” she told the crowd while sharing how she worked two jobs while maintain a full courseload of work as a student.

To see Jill Scott’s speech in its entirety, check out the video below: