*Kindred the Family Soul is back with “Everybody’s Hustling”, the lead single from their forthcoming album A Couple Friends (out June 10th) on Shanachie Entertainment.

The husband and wife duo of Fatin and Aja Dantzler maintain their collective creative consciousness over the smooth groove as they sing to the everyday men and women working a 9-5, managing a household and are still struggling to keep their heads above water.

The song is a direct rebuttal to the culture of consumerism we’re flooded with through all forms of the mainstream. The song’s video, shot by Matt Muse, finds the Philadelphia representatives squarely in the center of the city’s hustle, Broad Street.  There’s also a brief cameo from John Canada Terrell, also known as “Flash” from The Five Heartbeats, who just happened upon the suit leaving the train station.

Surrounded by the soul of the city, Kindred delivers a narrative, lyrically and visually, that accurately curates the 2014 hustles. To this end they say, “We really had no idea that this would be the single, but the song was initially inspired by all of the glorification of money in all the hip-hop songs these days.  We see people and their struggles quite differently and we want people to be inspired to continue to reach for greatness whether they have access to lots of money or not.”

A Couple Friends June 10th Shanachie Entertainment

A Couple Friends
June 10th
Shanachie Entertainment

Kindred’s latest release, “A Couple Friends,” is their latest installment in their ongoing love story.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to write and record an album when I haven’t been expecting a baby or just had one!” notes Aja Dantzler. Fatin adds, “Touching people with genuine emotion and true-to-life lyrical content has always been our mission.”

You can pre-order A Couple Friends via iTunes and Amazon now and the CD will be released on June 10th.