*By now, unless you’ve been in major preoccupation mode, you have at least heard of the attack made on Beyonce‘s husband, Jay-Z, by the singer’s younger (and wilder) sister, Solange Knowles, after a Met Ball after-party.

Of course people drink at parties, and although Solange, nor Jay-Z, and certainly not Beyonce were caught…I mean, photographed enjoying libations, it was a party and you can’t dismiss the fact that there may have been drinking involved that could have affected a certain sister-in-laws decision to let loose on her brother-in-law.

And now, as the mind would have it, and mine is known to work overtime with the slightest provocation at the weirdest times, it has decided to decipher what the heck would have caused Solange to get so angry that she would go off on Jay-Z like she did.

Here are some of the reasons my mind came up with and it would love to hear some of yours.

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