Lil Twist (L) and Lil Wayne

Lil Twist (L) and Lil Wayne

*Lil Wayne has put Justin Bieber’s manager on notice.

According to Billboard, the rapper recorded a message to Scooter Braun, after hearing that Braun was “talkin’ sh*t” about Lil Twist, who has been labeled a bad influence in the wake of Bieber’s recent array of run-ins with the law.

Twist stayed with Bieber in his Calabasas, Calif. home until reports surfaced that the pop star’s jewelry had been stolen. Shortly thereafter, in November 2013, Twist went on a Twitter rant about Braun’s alleged influence on the media’s criticism: “F*** u Scooter and everything u stand for.. And all yo fake stories.”

Now Weezy has jumped into the beef, calling out Braun on the below video, shot by DJ Scoob Doo: “I heard that they got a b**ch ass ni**a named Scooter that be runnin’ with my little brother Justin Bieber. That’s my little brother, Justin Bieber.

“I heard this b**ch-ass ni**a Scooter talkin’ shit about my little brother [Lil Twist],” he continued, with one arm around Twist. “Ni**a, this my mother f**kin’ brother, anything you got to say, when you see me say it to my mother**kin’ face.”

He closes his message with a threat to Braun: “And if you do happen to say it to my mother f**kin’ face, I ain’t gonna make you eat them words ni**a. I’mma put them b**ches on your tombstone.”

If that wasn’t ratchet enough, a video caption further defends Lil Twist. It reads:

“There has been a lot of negative press swirling around Justin Bieber & his once squeaky clean image in recent times. The one person who continually catches all the blame & flack, is no other than Lil Twist. In the press, Twist not only has been labeled the bad influence in Justin Bieber’s life, but also his own. Who is behind all this negativity? In this Bread Over Bed exclusive we find out that answer is Scooter, who is Justin Bieber’s manager to date. Scooter is the mole behind all the negativity circulating around Lil Twist & his name. One person who doesn’t like this no other than Lil Wayne.”