magic johnson

*Magic Johnson has responded to Donald Sterling’s attack of him on CNN, telling “TMZ Live” the Clippers owner is deeply troubled and is in desperate need of help.

The show got Magic on the phone to address Sterling’s crazy allegations that he ignores the black community and that he has AIDS.

“When you come on [TV], number one, you should have your facts straight,” said Magic. “I don’t have AIDS, I have HIV. Been living with HIV for 22 years.

“And that’s his opinion if he thinks I’m not a role model. But I know the things that I’ve done in urban America for people. I mean I’ve sent over 10,000 minorities to college. I’ve got a 150 of those students on scholarship right now through the Magic Johnson foundation. I’ve invested over a billion dollars in urban America. That means I’ve put over 50,000 minorities to work, right now, today.”

Magic says, instead of attacking Sterling, he thinks the man needs help and says he is praying for him. 

Johnson also says Sterling is upset at the wrong person: “He should point the anger at the young woman.”

Watch the full interview below: