*Sources connected to Magic Johnson are denying Donald Sterling’s claims that the Lakers legend called him after his initial racist comments were made public. In fact, Magic’s camp tells TMZ it was the other way around, with Sterling attempting use him as a prop for a Barbara Walters interview.

According to TMZ’s sources:

Donald called Magic the Monday after TMZ Sports posted the audio and said he wanted Magic to sit with him for the Walters interview as a show of support. We’re told Magic scoffed at Donald and ended the call.

As for Sterling’s claim Magic somehow knew Stiviano and this may all have been a plot, our sources say that’s a flat out lie … Magic did NOT know Stiviano from Adam. We’re told Magic in NO WAY was scheming to buy the Clippers.

One more thing … we’re told Magic was so incredulous Sterling had called him … Magic’s lawyer immediately called Sterling’s attorney to inform him any calls to Magic were unwelcome.