*Reality TV has ruined another friendship, but as always, there’s a reality star who takes the 15 minutes of fame to the head.

And Mariah Huq is calling out her former friend Quad Webb-Lunceford for allowing the fame to changer her.

And Huq doesn’t feel bad about blasting her former BFF after she’s done the same to her on numerous occasions.

“Based on all the things she’s done and said in interviews, I think that that is miniscule in the big scheme of things. That’s how I feel,” Huq told Sister 2 Sister.

When Huq invited her ex friend to join her on “Married to Medicine,” she didn’t think she’ll turn her back on her.

Huq’s co-stars didn’t want to give Webb-Lunceford a chance.

“Simone [Whitmore] called her a project. Toya [Bush-Harris] called her a puppet. All of those ladies talked about her,” said Mariah. “From the first episode, I told her to stand up for herself and let them know that she was worthy of being in this circle just like everybody else. I’ve always built Quad up, not tore her down…. I feel Quad was made to feel inferior, but not by me.”

Huq said fame had gotten into her former friend’s head — ruining their friendship.

“Fame changes people,” she said. “I’m not sure what’s going on with Quad. To me, it’s not normal to be this upset with a girlfriend.”

Webb-Lunceford felt Huq spoke down to her during season one, but Huq feels she introduced her to the Atlanta medical community.

“I feel like to bring somebody in, build them up and them turn on you, that’s like the person you hired trying to get you fired,” Mariah explained. “That’s crazy, the person, you trained and brought in and supported… It’s disappointing.”

Nevertheless, Huq still has love for her former friend.

“I loved Quad then. I love her now. I always will and wish her the best of luck,” Huq said.

A preview to Sunday’s next episode below: