*When Marlon Wayans stepped into his first film role 26 years ago, starring alongside his famous brothers and sisters in “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,” there was no such thing as “social media,” let alone an Internet for public consumption.

Actors had to rely on talk show appearances to get the word out. They had to speak to their fans through personal or studio publicists, in carefully-worded press statements that often went through several drafts before being released – and released only to media outlets, who, in turn, had editors deciding whether the contents were even worthy of reporting.

But Marlon says Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have changed the game, putting power literally into the hands of the celebrities themselves.

“Before, stars were removed from the audience. There was this wall between you and your audience,” said the youngest of the ten Wayans siblings. “And now, with social media, they actually are in your world. I get to talk to fans.”

Other than promoting his shows (like the tweet above), Marlon explains all of the ways he uses Twitter – including cursing out the occasional hater:

Wayans will soon be tweeting about the MAMAs (short for the MTV Africa Music Awards) to be held in Durban, South Africa on June 7 – where he will serve as host.