*If you say the name Melba Moore, there is a large segment of the global population that’s going to turn their heads in your direction. She, dear readers, is the embodiment of an Icon.

No disrespect, but the word has since been depreciated. To many onlookers that have had the privilege of knowing better, it doesn’t hold much value. Today, its appears to be a label bestowed too quickly, given to  anyone who has successfully monetized their brand. Kind of like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

These “iconic” symbols used to be harder to come by. When someone was called an icon, you didn’t even wonder why. You just knew. When someone was getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, your brow didn’t twitch. It was a given. Everybody knew why that person was being honored in this way.

Melba demonstrates "it's been done before" divas.

Melba demonstrates “it’s been done before” divas.

Obviously, the rules have changed. A sign of the times.

Which makes the fact that Melba Moore receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from SoulTracks for her 50 years in the entertainment industry so sweet.

Moore is a unique combination of beauty and talent who has carved an impressive legacy in television, film and theatre. Her national star began to rise in the 70s, as she arrived on CBS with the Summer replacement series The Melba Moore Show. This woman was kicking major Broadway butt when the mere thought of having a black actor appear on the “Great White Way” was one of those “maybe on day” thoughts.

Moore started out with a “I ain’t got time to play” mentality; singing backup with folks like Ashford & Simpson, Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick in the 70s and captured her first #1 hit in the 80s. She continues to record and perform live around the world.