michael jackson pepsi commercial

*Here we go again.

Michael Jackson did a 1987 Pepsi commercial with a 10-year-old boy named James Safechuck.

Safechuck claimed he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson as well.

This comes a year after Wade Robson filed a lawsuit against MJ — claiming he forced into sexual acts as a child.

The complaint — which is sealed — reportedly details how MJ and Safechuck met and their alleged relationship.

In 2005, employees of the Neverland Ranch listed Safechuck as a potential sexual abuse victim of MJ’s, but he never accused MJ of sexually abusing him.

But now Safechuck is saying that MJ groomed and molested him at the age of 10 and throughout his childhood.

Sources said Safchuck has a wife and two kids in Southern California and works as a computer programmer.

He was inspired by Robson to blast MJ for being a child molester and pedophile.

Watch the commercial below: