Missy Elliott

*Missy Elliott sold her home of 12 years for $1.45 million.

The pimped out home was featured on “MTV Cribs” after she bought it in 2002 for $1.3 million.

She brought down the walls and installed a waterfall, koi pond and giant aquariums after she bought the Aventura condo (in Miami).

But that’s not all! Her sneaker collection needed it’s own spot. Therefore, she destroyed a bathroom and turned it into a sneakers room.

Now she’s moving on with her dough and has left the place to realtor Joel Matus.

“Everything was a little out-dated so she left it,” Matus said. “But I had to throw everything out.”

He’s making some changes to the condo, of course.

“I’ll confess I got a good deal on the condo but I’m putting $300,000 into it. It was unused, and you could tell,” he said.

He continued to talk about fixing back up the condo.

“I’m basically building the walls back up and putting back the bathroom she knocked down,” he added. “The apartment was kind of disfigured. I hope to be able to move in by Christmas.”

And only to reminisce of how Elliott’s now ex-condo looked like when it aired on “MTV Cribs.” Check it out below:

missy elliot tcrib