motorola moto e

*(Via USA Today) – With the inexpensive new Moto E device announced Tuesday, Motorola is reaching out to first-time smartphone buyers who want to access the Internet from their device.

“We think it’s a great way to step up into that rich user experience,” maintains Motorola President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh, who says that even in the U.S. the people using basic phones represent perhaps the most “underserved segment” of the market. He cited a statistic indicating that about 70% of mobile users around the world still use those basic phones, in many cases because they’re reluctant to spring for the $337 average global selling price for a smartphone.

Specs-wise, the 5-ounce Moto E provides a decent amount of muscle for what is a captivating price — just $129 “unlocked,” meaning you’re not tied to a specific carrier. I haven’t had one long enough to test, but the phone feels good in the hand, nothing cheap about the way it is made. It is similar in design to Motorola’s more expensive (but still budget-class) Moto G.

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