mandela coliseum1

*It was exactly 25 years ago last Wednesday that Nelson Mandela was elected President South Africa and to mark that occasion, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas was joined by L.A. City Council members Curren Price, Herb Wesson Jr., and Tom La Bonge at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the unveiling of a plaque in his honor

Mandela fought and literally put his freedom and life on the line spending 27 years in prison in an effort to liberate black people in South Africa. He was well loved and respected around the world, and richly deserves this honor.

Mandela, who was also an attorney, fought long and hard against the brutal aparthied regime that had oppressed the blacks and minorities in that country. And throughout his imprisonment he never bowed down, or gave up the fight for freedom and liberation for his people in particular, and all people in general.

mandela coliseum

There aren’t too many world leaders that you can think of that have spent time in prison, and have come out and become elected president of their respective countries, and this is what makes his story unique.

There have been many books, and journals written that chronical his life, and legacy. And the lives of the people of South Africa continue to evolve into something better as a result of all that Mandela accomplished.

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