Jill Scott and Chadwick Boseman in Universal's "Get On Up"

Jill Scott and Chadwick Boseman in Universal’s “Get On Up”

*Universal released a new trailer for its forthcoming James Brown film “Get on Up.”

The clip begins with the following voiceover from star Chadwick Boseman (“42”): “Want to get to know me? I’ll tell you. Dad in the army. Mama left. No one else helped me.”

We see images of Brown’s rise from childhood, including him banging on pots and pans, his time in prison and him performing onstage.

The trailer features other glimpses of Brown’s success, including him visiting the White House and sporting a fur coat while standing in front of a private plane.

Brown also meets manager Ben Bart (Dan Aykroyd), who’s shown saying Brown, “blew the roof off of that place.”

He also meets the mother who abandoned him, played by Viola Davis.

Viola Davis in Universal's "Get On Up"

Viola Davis in Universal’s “Get On Up”

The clip ends with Brown and Aykroyd watching a man try to dance the mashed potato while a confused-looking Brown says, “What the hell are you doing?…That ain’t nobody’s mashed potato.”

The film, directed by “The Help” helmer Tate Taylor, also stars Octavia Spencer and Jill Scott. It camel-walks theaters August 1.

Watch the trailer below.