Wolfeboro Police+Commissioner+Robert Copeland*The people have spoken. And Wolfeboro, NH police commissioner Robert Copeland has responded with his resignation.

Police officials confirmed to the Washington Post that the 82-year-old lawman turned in his resignation to the town manager and police chief Monday. Copeland generated headlines when he was overheard calling President Barack Obama the N-word. He later refused to apologize for his choice of words as he stated that the president meets all of his criteria for being called the N-word.

Copeland’s resignation, which represented a noticeable change, came amid a heavy dose of political pressure and outrage on a national level. Notables calling for Copeland’s resignation included New Hampshire politicians such as Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R) and Jeanne Shaheen (D), Gov. Maggie Hassan and former presidential Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Those who planned to vacation in New Hampshire voiced their opposition to Copeland to police as they threatened to boycott the state.

“I’ve spoken with Commissioner Copeland, I’ve spoken with his wife and I’ve told them, both of them, that the remarks were offensive, there is no place for an elected official or anyone else describing the president of the United States or anybody using that term,” current state senator from Wolfeboro, Jeb Bradley told the Post.

“I explained that to them, and I also said: You need to resign.”

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