Isabel dos Santos is the only Angolan listed as a billionaire

*According to Nigeria-based Ventures financial magazine, Africa has way more billionaires than previously assumed, 55 to be exact.

There are currently three female billionaires in Africa including the mother of Kenya’s president, a daughter (Isabel dos Santos) of Angola’s president, and a Nigerian oil tycoon and fashion designer.

Ventures reports Nigeria’s richest resident, Aliko Dangote, is worth $20.2bn. Correspondents feel that the list may spark another debate over the imbalance in Africa between rich and poor people.

The World Bank reported in April that in Africa there are 414 million people living in extreme poverty; a rise from 205 million over the past three decades.

Research group Afrobarometer reported that only a small elite group of people have benefited from the economic growth in Africa.

“If you have a lot of money, there are a lot of people that you have to support so we think people may be a little reluctant to be all splashy about what they have and what their assets are,” says Uzo Iweala Ventures editor-in-chief.

This marks the first list of rich Africans that Ventures magazine has reported.

The 55 billionaires it has identified are more numerous than the 16 super rich Africans listed by US financial magazine Forbes last year.

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