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Barbara Winfrey, the ex-wife of Oprah’s father Vernon, was kicked out of her home by the talk queen yesterday. Oprah ‘gifted” the five -bedroom home to Vernon and Barbara shortly after they married 14 years ago. But Oprah never really gave up ownership and control of the home – or her father’s finances.

 *Lord have mercy! Talk about drama.

Time is up for Oprah Winfrey‘s former mother-in-law Barbara Winfrey to get to steppin’ out of the Nashville mansion that Oprah paid for and as you may have guessed, she not going quietly.

The British publication, Mail Online, is out with a pretty racy spread on Barbara Winfrey and how she’s dealing with the eviction. Yes, it’s all Oprah’s fault if Barbara is to be believed.

“Oprah deliberately set out to destroy my life. She’s robbed me of my husband (Vernon Winfrey), and now my home,” she claims.

Here are some major highlights and takeaways from the story:

*Barbara Winfrey, 66, has been booted out of her marital home by her superstar step-daughter after a vicious 18-month divorce battle with Oprah’s father Vernon Winfrey

*Legal papers claim Oprah took part in a “conspiracy” to force her father to divorce Barbara and kick her out of her home or she would cut him off. Vernon denied those claims

*Vernon complained about Barbara being controlling. ‘I was wearing the britches or pants, but she was the head. She was running everything. I didn’t like that

*Barbara imposed a three-year sex ban on Vernon, 81, after obtaining a video of him having sex with a crack addicted prostitute in his Nashville barbershop

*She claims Vernon threatened her with a gun. ” I have a gun in my pocket. I will use it,” she says he told her. He started chasing her around the island in the kitchen. Vernon denied the claim

*Barbara asked for $5 million, to which court papers claim Oprah said ‘Absolutely not. No settlement’

“We had good times here,” says a teary Barbara Winfrey. “I remember watching Oprah cook purple hull peas on the stove in the kitchen.”

From what we’ve read in this story, it would make one hell of good movie. We wouldn’t put it past somebody in Hollywood (other Oprah) to this drama on the screen.

Until then, click here to check out what Mail Online is reporting.

oprah & barbara

Oprah wrote ‘Love & Blessings’ on this photograph of her and Barbara taken at the mogul’s 50th birthday party in Chicago in 2004.