*Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris wants to leave the Utah boarding school she has been attending since her suicide attempt last year and live with biological mom Debbie Rowe for the summer break, is reporting. And grandma Katherine is reportedly not happy.

Per Radar:

“Paris has made tremendous improvements in the last several months, and her doctors have signed off on her leaving Utah for several weeks to live with biological mom, Debbie Rowe at her ranch in Palmdale,” a family insider told Radar.

“It has been a very long year for the troubled teen, and she has really made significant strides from the time she first came to Utah. Of course, Paris wants to live with Debbie for the entire summer, and not go back in the fall.”

According to the insider, both Katherine Jackson and Rowe agree that Utah has been good for Paris and it’s unclear whether or not she’ll go back after the summer.

Both Katherine and Debbie agree that the best place for Paris is in Utah, and away from Southern California. Paris will absolutely be spending the upcoming five year anniversary of Michael’s death with her family,” the source said.

“It hasn’t decided where that will be as Paris might still be in Utah for summer school. Losing her dad turned Paris’ world upside down.”


During Paris’ Christmas vacation she begged her grandmother Katherine not to send her back to boarding school.

“Paris might not see this, but she isn’t ready to leave the safe confines of the Utah boarding school. There is a lot of support that Paris gets there and Katherine recognizes that,” an insider previously revealed.

However, Katherine “isn’t exactly thrilled that Paris will be living with Debbie, because she just got engaged to Michael’s ex-manager, Marc Schaffel. Marc sued Michael several times, and there is certainly no love lost between the Jacksons and Marc,” the source added.

“There is little that Katherine can do because she doesn’t want to upset her granddaughter. She will be keeping very close tabs on Paris, and will be checking in with Debbie daily.”

Our source also said Paris would spend time with Katherine at her rental mansion in Calabasas, Calif. but it wouldn’t be for “more than a few days for obvious reasons.”