Pastor Charles Jenkins

Pastor Charles Jenkins

*Seems pastors are continually showing us that they are just ordinary people after all.

Never mind the fact that they stand in the pulpit every Sunday preaching down to us “sinners” – usually in that “holier-than-thou” tone. Telling us to Live right. Act right. Be right so that we will go to heaven when we die.

Come to find out, some of them are not living right. Acting right; Being right. Wonder where they’ll go once they leave here.

Take Chicago pastor & gospel singer Charles Jenkins, you may remember him. Several weeks back a photo appeared online that showed him brushing his teeth, full monty…naked. Once the curtains got pulled back, we found out he was having an adulterous affair, an 8-year-long relationship, with a married woman (he’s married too!)

Once the photo came out, the pastor did too – admitting to the affair, asking his wife for forgiveness, and appearing in front of his congregation hoping they would take pity on his poor soul because, after all, he’s only human.

Thing is, now that all is out in the open, pastor Jenkins has thrown something else into the mix. If he’s going down, he’s not going down alone.

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