porsha-williams-*Looks like jail time was positive for Porsha Williams, as she returns with a new outlook on her life.

As noted by media reports, Williams’ time behind bars came after she grabbed Kenya Moore’s by the hair and dragged her to the ground by her tresses. Moore ultimately pressed charges against Williams, who told V-103 DJ Big Tigger that she was not faking when she was on the floor crying after attacking Moore.

“I was really that upset. There’s no way that could’ve been put on and fake by any means. It was just the feeling of disappointment in myself,” Williams said. “I just felt a lot of pressure in that moment and I was upset that I gave her the power to make me act out of character. I was just disappointed that it had reached that level and I had been provoked and bullied to that point,”

For anyone fascinated by life in jail, Williams was quick to mention that it’s not a place her young fans want to be.

“I am not making light of the situation. It was pissy in there. It was dirty. It’s not a place that I would ever wanted to be,” she explained while adding that her mug shot was simply an attempt by her to make lemonade out of lemons.

With Moore calling for Williams’ dismissal from “RHOA” after their altercation, and rumors flying around about her being demoted from a full-time cast member to a “friend,” Williams is hopeful about a return to the show as well as closer look at her life.

“I hope that this season they show a little more of our life and what we do. For me, I hope they show what I do for a living,” said the businesswoman, who plans on starting a lingerie line soon as well pursue singing.

Despite the drama and not feeling welcomed during “RHOA”’s first season, Williams says she has come out stronger from it all.

“The journey has been everything to me. The woman I am today, I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for what I’ve been through,” said the reality show star, who is reportedly involved in a new relationship.

If she does return to “RHOA,” viewers may discover more about who Williams spends her quality time with. Although she was tight lipped on who her new love is, Williams squashed any theories about it being the same person Moore is allegedly dating as well as singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, who recently spoke about reality TV ruining marriages.

“He tried to holler. Next. Chile, please. Sit down,” said Williams.

For more of Porsha Williams’ interview with Big Tigger, check out the video below: