obama (unknown soldier ceremony)

*On this Memorial Day weekend, President Obama is reminding all Americans to pay homage to our fallen patriots and heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy our basic freedoms.

In his weekly address from the Oval office at the White House, the president commemorated Memorial Day by honoring the brave men and women in uniform who have given their lives in service to our country.

As we stand with our veterans and military families this weekend, the President underscored his commitment to uphold our nation’s sacred trust with our veterans and ensure they get the benefits and opportunities they deserve and have earned.

The president also discussed what the fallen fought and died for:

“Every single one of us owes our fallen heroes a profound debt of gratitude. Because every time we cast our votes or speak our minds without fear, it’s because they fought for our right to do that. Every chance we get to make a better life for ourselves and our families is possible because generations of patriots fought to keep America a land of opportunity, where anyone – of any race, any religion, from any background – can make it if they try. Our country was born out of a desire to be free, and every day since, it’s been protected by our men and women in uniform – people who believed so deeply in America, they were willing to give their lives for it.”

Get the rest of President Obama’s Memorial Day thoughts/comments via the video below: