Drea Kelly, Rs ex-wife*Wow! This has got to be the quickest marriage and divorce in history.

Andrea Kelly is one of the stars of the reality show, “Hollywood Exes” as a result of being the former wife of R&B singer R Kelly – to whom she was married from 1996-2006. The couple, said to be estranged during most of their marriage, finally divorced in 2009.

But here’s the thing: “Drea” shocked her friends and fans of the show sh*t-less on the Season 2 premiere of “Hollywood Exes” when she announced her engagement to a barber named Brian McKee – someone nobody in her group of friends had ever met – on March 6th. And by May 6th the couple had officially tied the knot.

Now, just as folks had finally began to wrap their brain (as much as possible) around that news, here comes news that the couple has already divorced! In case you suffer from amnesia, let me break this down for you…We are still in the month of May, in the year 2014. This article is being published on Monday, May 19. and the divorce is already a done deal! Past tense. Not going to happen…HAPPENED ALREADY.

Now that’s enough to give you a serious case of whiplash!

Now let’s face it, people do crazy things for love. We get that. We have known friends to meet a man or woman and six months later, they’re living together.

But c’mon…a seemingly overnight engagement happens to a divorcee who was previously in a long-term relationship; who then turns around two months later and marries the dude is even strange for us.

But moving forward what – you may ask – hell, we want to know, could possibly have happened to warrant a DIVORCE…not a separation, in this whirlwind relationship?

S2S reports, with Drea confirming, that Brian had an ongoing “inappropriate relationship” with another woman.  And he was asking said woman for money.

Rumors about trouble in their brief marriage started to swirl shortly after season 3 of “Hollywood Exes” premiered. Supposedly, A women who Brian was currently dating or had previously dated began sent the new wife (Drea) info about her hubby via social media.

According to text messages, Brian had allegedly hit one woman up for financial support, even listing the reasons why he needed the money.

“I just got 3000 a month in bills with no job, car pmnt, student loans etc cell,” read the text allegedly sent by Brian.

Jaylynn Umbleby and Drea exchanged Twitter messages on May 12 and Drea thanked Jaylynn for sharing the truth about Brian.

“I read you’re [sic] email and I want the world to know I FORGIVE YOU! And you stepped up like a WOMEN [sic],” Drea wrote. “I’M PROUD OF YOU!”

Drea also wrote, “thank u for your support. I’m proud 2b a living example of #girlpower and #forgiveness at its finest XOXO”.

Drea’s positive outlook is commendable, we guess. But it’ll sure be interesting to see how this all plays out.

In the meantime, you might want to check out a clip of Drea and Brian surprising her friends about the engagement on episode 1 of the new season of “Hollywood Exes” that aired this month. Here it is: