donald sterling *As Donald Sterling continues to dig a hole for himself with daily revelations after making racist comments, an aspiring rapper is the latest person to offer a glimpse into what makes the embattled L.A. Clippers owner tick.

The rapper, who calls himself Maseratimet revealed to CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday night that he’s known Sterling five or six years and provided the businessman with women to date and have sex with.

Prior to the release of the recordings, Maseratimet said he never considered the NBA team executive a “racist.” But that all changed once he heard Sterling’s comments, which he said “upset him.”


As for Sterling’s type of woman, Maseratimet told Lemon the controversial owner preferred his women “light-skinned.” Despite the fallout from the recordings, Maseratimet stated that he felt no guilt for bringing Sterling’s feelings to light.

“I didn’t take [Sterling’s] initial apology seriously,” the rapper said. “He said he was just trying to have sex with [V. Stiviano], but he went a little too far just to hate that much. You don’t have to say that much to get a girl to lay down with you.”

Maseratimet’s chat with Lemon comes amid reports of The Daily Mail obtaining taped conversations between Sterling and Maseratimet that lasted over two hours. Parts of the recordings have been posted on the Mail’s website this week.

For more of Maseratimet’s interview with Don Lemon, check out the video below: