*When a man of God who preaches the word sends another man a picture of his penis — this could almost make a person want to say the lord’s name in vain.

The “Maybe I Deserve” crooner, Tank, accepted a private message from a fan on Instagram — only to find out it was a picture of the man’s penis.

Tank became more furious when he found out the man who sent the d*** pic is a pastor!

He blasted the pastor (@TheBookOf_COGIC93) on social media for his actions.

Just to be clear, Tank doesn’t have a problem with gay people or homosexuality, but with the pastor’s actions.

“This man claims to be a minister and sends this to my DM. This is what’s wrong with the church now! Misrepresentation of God and who he really is. The devil is operating in our sacred place,” Tank wrote on Instagram.

Tank added, “I have no problem with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this! What message are you trying to send a straight man ‘minister?’ I hope your bishop and everyone in your congregation become aware of your actions.”

Tank called the pastor a “pervert” and said, “the devil is working and this is what it looks like.”

tank, @TheBookOf_COGIC93

Tank reposted the photo on his Instagram. He later removed the photo. The pastor deleted his account since being exposed.

Read Tank’s full Instagram message about the pastor below: