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*(Via iDateDaily) – This article is a follow up to a previous article titled3 Types of Women Who Will Never Be In a Relationship.”

Everyone knows that we all have issues. The best test of one’s character is how they are able to resolve issues without totally losing control of their lives. Some people have mastered it, others… Not so much.

When men invest their emotions into something and it crumbles, it’s extremely difficult for them to overcome the situation. It’s no coincidence that men commit 94 percent of murder-suicides and 90 percent of the time, they kill their romantic lover. Murders of passion show just how fragile a man’s feelings can be in comparison to a woman, as it pertains to handling a bad breakup.

When it comes to selecting a male companion, it’s important to identify men who are mentally suitable for a relationship. While it can be difficult to instantaneously identify a man who has unresolved issues, there are things that men do that reveal they’re unfit for relationships.

Check out the three types of men who are unfit for relationships below:

  1. A man who lacks ambition. A man without a plan is a lost man. A man with a plan and no ambition is a lazy man. Even if a man makes a lower annual salary than his female partner, it is still imperative that his actions reveal a consistent, resilient work ethic. A man who sells dreams is a man who needs to be by himself until he learns how to go out and create opportunities for himself.


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