young woman - old guy

*(Via iDateDaily) – I recently read a blog regarding an older man liking younger women and felt like writing down my two-penny worth. But I must stress that this is just my humble opinion. I’m not out to rewrite a scientific exposé on the subject.

A regular guy approaching middle-age may feel that it is not necessarily a question of whether older guys liking younger girls is normal, but you only have to look back as a simplified evolution exercise to see that we still live on a planet where there is a degree of survival of the fittest and characteristics of the herd are still in evidence.

Just because we can put men on the moon and have nanotechnology does not mean to say we have conquered and replaced a good many primeval instincts.

The survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean a physical battle of the last man standing but the ability of the alpha male to feel he must protect the herd, and providing for the herd surely can be seen with an older man being able to offer more when compared to a younger rival.

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