jay beyonce solang  (exit elevator)*(Via iDateDaily) – In light of the most recent celeb gossip that has Beyoncé fans in a frenzy trying to figure out what in the heck happened between the singer’s multi- platinum, recording rap artist husband, Jay Z and sister, Solange, I want to take a moment to talk about family drama in relationships.

posted on Instagram shows the singer may be ready to sever ties with either her sister or her husband.

The post, which  was uploaded after the singer’s sister and husband got into a physical altercation, asks God to remove any bad relationships that Beyoncé has in her life — this could mean the singer is going to cut-off her little sister or cut-off her husband.

We all have experienced drama in our families and I think it’s safe to
say a little drama is normal. However, I have always thought one of the biggest hurdles two people who are ready to get married may face is combining two families together and the possible forced relationships that can occur from it! This is usually a total unnatural occurrence and relationships have to be forced between immediate family members of the two love birds. This is not an easy task. How important is it when settling down with someone that a) Their immediate family members like you and b) Your immediate family members like one another?

In the Christian religion it is said that a person’s spouse comes before everything right after God — even the couple’s own children.

beyonce prayerThis would mean that one should always take the side of their spouse even when dealing with blood relatives they have known all of their lives. This can’t possibly be easy to do, and I don’t envy anyone in a situation that has to choose between their spouse and a close relative. What should a person do if they get to a point where they have to disown a relative in order for his or her marriage to stay alive? What are the best steps for married couples to take to avoid ever having a situation come to this point?

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