black men & white wives

*(Via iDateDaily) – I must preface this article by stating that I am, and always have been, an advocate of interracial relationships that evolve from raw emotion. I have interracial relatives in my family and I am interracial.

In fact, many of us would not exist if it were not for interracial relationships, so I have the utmost respect and admiration for interracial relationships.

But, it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge the glaring consistencies in the types of spouses that successful Black men often choose.

And no, I’m not referring to Black professional athletes, as it goes without saying that many of them date women outside of their race.

The men I’m referencing are far more smarter and powerful than the average professional athlete (no offense). These men have dominated their respected industries and achieved a significant amount of recognition and wealth as a result. Their names are: Dean Baquet, executive editor of the New York Times; Richard Parsons, interim CEO of the LA Clippers; and Neil deGrasse Tyson, world-renowned astrophysicist/host of  Fox Network’s “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.”

So, aside from the fact that they’re all geniuses in one way or another, what do these men have in common? Yes, you guessed it: All of these men have Caucasian wives. Now, before you start calling me a “hater” and a “bigot,” understand that I see nothing wrong with these men marrying Caucasian women. I can only hope that they genuinely love their wives and didn’t marry them solely to elevate their careers.

I had a conversation with a Black man, who is an executive in the retail industry, about his decision to marry a Caucasian woman. The things he shared with me were mind boggling, but I’ve acquired a new understanding for why some successful Black men choose to marry outside of their race. Since the man I spoke with asked to have his identity withheld, I’m going to simply refer to him as James.

Here’s what he shared with me when I asked him why did he think it’s common for Black men of his stature to date and marry women of another ethnic group:

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