*(Via iDateDaily) – Have you ever wondered why, statistically speaking, there are far more women in church than men?

While the reasons may vary, many people believe that it’s a man’s need for logic that keeps him out of the pews.

Women, on the other hand, are biologically wired to be more emotional than logical and will oftentimes make decisions based off of sheer emotion.

This can pose a serious threat to a relationship where the man has a hard time finding logic in religion and the woman is committed to her religious beliefs.

Non-religious men who are attracted to African-American women will find it extremely difficult to date because close to 90 percent of women identify themselves as Christians. Within the Christian faith, as well as many other religions, intimacy before marriage is sinful, which means intercourse is a no-no. Ironically, though, many Christian women will disregard this sinful action, yet uphold other forms of their relationship with Christ. This is confusing for men, as they revere the woman’s actions as hypocritical and become annoyed with her inability to be consistent with her practices as it relates to her faith. It is believed that, in many ways, these women are expecting their men to compete with Jesus and that expectation is not one that a non-religious man is willing to fulfill.

Here are three signs that a woman is expecting her man to compete with Jesus:

  1. Church attendance, prayer sessions, and Bible study are an expectation, not a choice. Religious women are taught that they should be equally yoked with their partner. With this in mind, attending church, praying regularly, and reading the Bible are expectations she has of her man. There is virtually little opportunity to bond with her without infusing Jesus.

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