sad man

*(Via iDateDaily) – I’m sure you’ve heard of Elliot Rodger by now. He’s the lunatic from Santa Barbara who went on a shooting spree because he couldn’t get laid.

I would feel sorry for him if he didn’t turn his frustration into violence against innocent women and men; but he did, and for that, I hold no sympathy for him.

I extend my condolences to those affected by his actions, it really is tragic. But in an effort to turn a horrible situation into a learning experience for men across the world who deal with the same frustration that Rodger had, I think it’s important that several things be said.


Sure, it sounds like common sense, but we all should know common sense isn’t quite common.

Men, you are going to have to work for women. Accept it and get over it. Bury that frustration and put your energy into creating a gentleman that is worthy of attaining the attention of the woman of your interest, while also giving her reason to stick around and allow you to prove yourself valuable in her life.

For some fellas it’s easy and comes quite natural to have relations with women ,and for others, it’s more of a challenge. If you fall in the latter category, it’s fine, you just have to take a slightly different approach to attract her.

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