*According to Robin Thicke, the separation he announced in February from Paula Patton, his wife of eight years, was all her doing. To this day he is said to still be wooing her; begging for her forgiveness.

Forgiveness? For what?

A report in Star Magazine claims to know the real what and why behind the breakup. It goes a little something like this.

Robin and Paula and “Jasmine” makes three.

Star magazine claims that out of all the supposed flings the Blurred Lines singer has had, it was an ongoing affair with a woman they call “Jasmine” that upset Paula so much, she found it hard to overlook.

Not that she didn’t know “Jasmine,” of course she did, after all, she had been involved with “Jasmine” too.

For about two years, Paula and Robin is said to have been carrying on a consensual three-way relationship with a massage therapist. But it all took a disastrous turn last summer, when Paula discovered — in the worst possible way — that the masseuse (whom Star will not name and will call “Jasmine”) and Robin were carrying on a separate affair behind her back. An insider who passed a polygraph test says that Paula walked in on the masseuse and Robin and literally caught him with his pants down.

“Paula felt betrayed and humiliated by both Robin and Jasmine,” explains the insider.

“These were two people she thought she could trust the most, but in the end everything backfired on her.”

The insider says Robin acted nonchalant about “Jasmine” because his wife had been fooling around with her too, and he couldn’t understand why she was now so upset. This attitude didn’t sit well with Paula.

“Robin pushed Paula to allow Jasmine into the bedroom with them in order to spice up their sex life, and she reluctantly agreed in an attempt to keep him happy,” the source explains.

But then Paula banned Jasmine from their home and attempted to put what she thought was a one-time fling behind her.

Didn’t work. Paula’s suspicions about “Jasmine” and her husband grew.

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