RZA as Cassius Green in the FOX drama Gang Related

RZA as Cassius Green in the FOX drama Gang Related

*Fox’s new drama series “Gang Related” begins Thursday, May 22 at 9 p.m. with the Wu Tang Clan’s RZA on the blue side in a war between law enforcement and gangs on the streets of Los Angeles.

The rapper plays Cassius Green, a longtime member of LAPD’s elite Gang Task Force, run by Sam Chapel (Terry O’Quinn).

“I feel as being Cassius Green, I’m a guy who knows the streets, but he’s smart with narcotics. He’s intelligent enough to hold a job in the day. But when it’s time to go do something, yo, he’s ready for it and he has the strength, willpower and knowledge to do it,” says RZA.


RZA (M) and Ramon Rodriguez (R) in Fox’s “Gang Related”

Green is paired with its rising star, Det. Ryan Lopez (Ramon Rodriguez) after Lopez’s former partner is killed. But, what Green doesn’t know is that Lopez also has ties to one of the Task Force’s biggest targets – a powerful Latino gang called Los Angelicos.

RZA says he was intrigued by the predicament of Ryan Lopez Ryan, who is still beholden to the gang’s leader, Javier Acosta (Cliff Curtis), the father figure Ryan has tried to make proud his entire life and the man who masterminded his entry into the police force. It’s a secret that has been held for a decade by Ryan, Javier and Javier’s sons: cold-blooded gang lieutenant Carlos (Rey Gallegos); and Ryan’s childhood best friend, straight-laced investment banker Daniel (Jay Hernandez). Listen below.

“Gang Related” premieres Thursday, May 23 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Watch the trailer below.