Catherine Hillin says she was warned that TMZ hates women

Catherine Hillin says she was warned that TMZ hates women

*Well lookie here. When you visit the scandalous TMZ site, its doubtful you’ll find this tidbit. Chances are you won’t hear Harvey, Max, Charles or the rest of ’em kicking this around the room. After all, how many ways can you slant an allegation that claims your company  don’t like women … straight up.

Yes folks, TMZ is being sued for sexual discrimination by a woman who says the outlet is a … wait … allow us to clear our collective throat …”boys” club that hates women.

Catherine “Taryn” Hillin, a former writer for TMZ, filed a lawsuit Friday against the company for sexual discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

The suit stated that she  was employed by TMZ as a producer for approximately a year-and-a-half from Feb. 2012 to Sept. 2014, and was the only female writer on the celebrity news website’s staff.

Hillin alleges that she was quickly advised that TMZ was a “boys club” favoring male employees over female employees, with one employee telling her, “Good luck being a girl writer.” The suit progresses to cite specific examples of discriminatory comments made by Evan Rosenblum, the executive producer, that include quips like, “Don’t be a girl” and “Never cry in front of me.” Hillin also says that Rosenblum humiliated her in front of coworkers by screaming at her and belittling her with comments like, “You’re f—ing s–t,” and “I f—ing hate this s–t you hand in.”

Additionally, Hillin states that Rosenblum allowed male employees to do rewrites on their own work, yet denied her that opportunity; giving the job to her male colleagues instead. She also alleges that the work she was praised for by other supervisors, was said to be not good enough by Rosenblum.

On at least one occasion, Hillin claims Rosenblum approved an article topic, and then later decided he didn’t like it upon learning that it was Hillin who wrote it rather than a male employee. Further, the suit alleges that Rosenblum gave male writers more favorable assignments than the female writers.

As a result of being a girl, Hillin claims that promotions denied to her was given to less-qualified male applicants. According to the lawsuit, this was all normal practice for TMZ.  Employees allegedly told Hillin that “TMZ hates women” and “Evan [Rosenblum] hates women.”

Hillin states that after voicing complaints on multiple occasions about Rosenblum’s discriminative behavior and the hostile work environment she was terminated; based on her gender and as an act of retaliation. She adds that the reason she was given for her termination was mere pretext. The suit further states that Hillin’s replacement is a male lacking her education, experience and/or qualifications.

Named in the lawsuit as corporate defendants is TMZ Productions, Inc., EHM Productions Inc., and Warner Bros. Entertainment, along with her direct supervisor, executive producer Evan Rosenblum and up to 100 other as-yet-unnamed individuals.

Hillin is seeking unspecified damages that will be determined at the time of trial, along with legal fees incurred. She is demanding a trial by jury for her case.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out; especially since “head honcho Harvey” reminds us at the end of every episode, “I’m a lawyer!”